As we are adapting to these challenging times, we are proud to be a part of the local dance community that is

        responding with care to connect with our families and dances. Below please find our Covid protocol to help ensure

        the safety of the Backstage family.


      - Instructors and dancers are required to wear masks.

      - Dressing rooms will remain closed until further notice. Please come dressed and prepared for class(es).

      - There are separate entrances to each studio. Teachers will let students into class five minutes before class time.


      - There are hand sanitizing stations at each studio entrance for use before and after each class.

      - Each studio is marked for six feet social distancing at the barres and center. Class sizes are limited to accommodate


      - Bathrooms are to be used when necessary only. Students are to follow the cleaning instructions posted in each bathroom

      - We strongly encourage parents to wait in cars to help secure the safety of all.

      - Studios are sanitized in between each class, to include barres, door handles, stereos and computers, etc.

      - Bathrooms, studios and lobbies are sanitized daily.

        We thank you for your patience and cooperation.