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If you would like to register for a class, please fill out the form below.

Liability Release:  I/WE DO HEREBY AGREE to release BDC and all cooperating agencies, employees, officials, teachers, and managers, thereof, from all liability for damages by reason of injuries or property damages that may be sustained as a result of participating in the program.


Medical Consent:  In the event of injury, I/WE DO HEREBY AUTHORIZE those officials of BDC to arrange for such medical services as may be deemed reasonable and necessary to the welfare of the injured, and I/WE DO HEREBY RELEASE Backstage Dance Center and all others from all liability in taking such actions.


Consent for Use of Pictures on Web Site or Brochure:  I/WE DO HEREBY AUTHORIZE BDC to put pictures of my child on the web site, face book or in the studio brochures. 

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Try a Backstage Dance class on us, your first class is free! 

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